Canada Olympic Park : 2016 Altius AGM – Open Women’s 90

Date 11.06.2016
Country Canada

Chief of Competition: Rod Strate
Technical Delegate: Mark Rolseth
Assistant TD:

A Kelly Johansson
B Trevor Morris
C Shinya Tanaka
D Alan Soukup
E Jasmine Sepandj
Competition Data
Hill Size: 95 m
K-point: 89 m
Meter value: 2.0 points
Course length: 5 km
Points/min: 15 points

Rank Bib Name/Club Points Rank Time Diff Skiing Time Rank Time Behind

Rank Bib Name/Club m DP A B C D E Pts Total Time

Total 7 athletes
Bib Name Club
(1) Natasha Bodnarchuck Altius
(3) Abigail Strate Altius
(4) Nicole Maurer Altius
(5) Elora Hamming Altius
(6) Natalie Eilers Altius
(7) Atsuko Tanaka Altius
(8) Taylor Henrich Altius

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