LIVE Results

As an old customer, if you have created an account, please log in here.

If you are new customer and want to create an account or upgrade, please select below suitable service for your needs. You need Kilipa app to upload LIVE results to server.

  1. Basic + logo LIVE  – Free, no additional fees included.

With logo feature you have chance to earn by advertising in your results sheet at by adding sponsor’s images (jpg or png) with URL link (Kilipa app includes image addition feature). Or you can just use this feature to upload your club logo etc.

  • LIVE results service with Kilipa app
  • Unlimited number of competitions
  • Add your ads and logos to results
  • Upload start lists to

Basic + logo LIVE


Basic package

Kilipa LIVE results in a nutshell.

1. Buy and download Kilipa Results Service app

2. Register (i.e. create user credentials) to

3. Input your user credentials to Kilipa app and activate LIVE Results

4. Use Kilipa app as usual. LIVE Results are published automatically during competition. In addition you may publish start lists by a separate action from Kilipa app.


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