Ski Jumping Results Application

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Kilipa Result Service Application for Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined

Kilipa is full featured Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined result service application for national or international competitions. It’s designed taking into account special needs of sport clubs. It’s suitable for small or big competitions.

Main Features

The following main features are included to version 3.0:

  1. Easy to use graphical user interface
  2. Works with Windows XP/7/8
  3. Automatic LIVE results at
  4. When LIVE enabled, automatic facebook post about the event in Kilipa’s facebook page
  5. PDF, HTML and EXCEL output formats for start lists and result (1st round, reordered 2 round and final results)
  6. Several classes supported per competition
  7. Ski jumping and nordic combined competition within the same class or separately
  8. Easy to input ski jumping points and skiing times during the competition
  9. Randomize start list order with groups or without groups
  10. Fast number reassignment for ski jumping and skiing of nordic combined
  11. Define number of judges to be 1…5
  12. Option to have 2nd round in opposite order
  13. Option to have qualification threshold for 2nd round
  14. Importing/saving athletics from/to Excel sheet
  15. Importing/saving skiing times from/to Excel sheet
  16. Disqualifying individual athletics
  17. Official competition results also in press format
  18. Print preview
  19. Logos or pictures can be attached to result sheets
  20. Pre-defined and modifiable table of points for ski jumping and nordic combined.
  21. Possible to download national register of licenced athletics in excel sheet for a search functionality of individual athletics
  22. Selectable rounds (one or two) for ski jumping part of nordic combined
  23. Definable number of start gates for skiing (automatic sorting to gates)
  24. Shift skiing start time (wave) for individuals in nordic combined
  25. Save/load competition in/from klp-files

User Guide

 Kilipa User Guide v3.0 (pdf) 

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